After School Program

Higher Ground offers a six-week after school program in the spring and fall for Blaine County 2nd – 5th grade students for children with physical or intellectual disabilities. This program provides the students an opportunity to recreate outside of school like their peers, but with one-on-one instruction.

Activities include swimming, indoor rock climbing, and gymnastics, to track and field.

Charles, a young man with an intellectual developmental disorder, came to HG very timid with little internal motivation with a goal to be more active. During camp, his counselors gave him attention and encouraged him to take part in the activities. Initially, rock climbing did not interest Charles but by the end of the five-week session, he was completing entire routes to the top of the climbing wall. Charles became very focused, engaged, and enthusiastic. With the increased confidence he gained by meeting goals, he started to engage more with his peers and increase his willingness to try new things.

HG Staff Testimonial